Use Dynamic Locking Facility to Control Access from your Telephone

Please check with the DE ( Intl ) and ascertain the type of your Exchange.


E10B & OCB Exchanges DIAL

EWSD Exchanges DIAL

i) Password Registration

123 xxxx xxxx
xxxx :dial twice you r4 digit

123 0000 xxxx
xxxx : your 4 digit

ii) Allow all Calls

124 xxxx 0

iii) Bar only STD Calls

124 xxxx 1

iv) Bar STD Trunk (180) & Internet (172) Calls

124 xxxx 2

v) Allow NSD, Cellular, Local & Trunk Calls

124 xxxx 3

vi) Bar all Out going Calls

124 xxxx 4

vii) Allow Local but Bar Cellular Calls

124 xxxx 5

viii) Change your Password

123 xxxx yyyy Where, xxxx : Existing Password & yyyy : New Password.

Note : Functions (ii) and (v) are not possible from STD Barred Telephone.

Dynamic Locking from ISDN Phone Line

This facility is available only to ISDN subscribers of EWSD exchanges.
The procedure is similar as above, but instead of 123 you will have to dial H 23 and
instead of 124, you will have to dial H 24. Also, each set of digits has to be
separated with the digit H. The dialing has to be finished with #.

e.g. to bar STD + Trunk calls + Internet calls from an ISDN line, you will have to dial
H 24 H xxxx H 2 #.

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