1 Aavin
2 Agriculture dept (Tamil)
3 Agriculture Engg. Dept. - Comprehensive Watershed Development Project
4 Anna Institute of Management
5 Anna University, Chennai
6 Chengleput Range Police
7 Chennai Metro Water supply
8 Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority
9 Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation
10 Commercial Taxes Department (Bi-lingual)
11 Directorate of Industries and Commerce
12 Directorate of Pension
13 Directorate of Small Savings
15 Forensic Sciences Department
16 Government of TamilNadu
17 Government of Tamil Nadu State Transport Authority
18 Health and Family Welfare Department
19 Highways Department
20 Industrial &Technological Consultancy Organisation of TN
21 Information Technology Park - Chennai (TIDEL)
22 Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children
23 Khadi and Village Industries Board
24 Madurai Municipal Corporation
25 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department
Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project - II
26 National Informatics Centre
27 Non-formal and Adult Education State Resource Centre (SRC)
28 Overseas Manpower Corporation
29 Prisons Department
30 Prohibition Enforcement department
31 Regional Passport Office, Chennai
32 Regional Transport Office, Coimbatore
33 Rehabilitation of the Disabled

The Salem Starch & Sago Manufacturers service Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. (SAGOSERVE)
35 State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu
36 Tamil Nadu Adi Dravida Housing and Development Corporation
37 Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
38 Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
39 Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services
40 Tamil Nadu Forest Plantation Corporation Ltd
41 Tamil Nadu Maritime Academy
42 Tamil Nadu Medicinal Plant farms and Herbal Medicine Corporation Ltd
43 Tamil Nadu Police
44 Tamil Nadu Power Finance & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited
45 Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project
46 Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
47 Tamil Nadu  Dr. M.G.R.  Medical  University,
48 Tamil Virtual University
49 Tamil Nadu Corp. for Development of Women
50 Tamil Nadu Industrial Dev. Corp.
51 Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corportion
52 Tamil Nadu Medical Service Commission
53 Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
54 Tamil Nadu NRI - Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance & Export Promotion Bureau 
55 Tamil Nadu Small Scale Industries Dev. Corp.
56 Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation
57 Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board
58 The Government Museum, Chennai
59 Tiruvarur District
60 Tiruvarur Municipality
61 TN AIDS Control Society
62 TN Govt Land registration (Bi-lingual)
63 TWAD  Board - Rain Water Harvesting (Bi-lingual)

University of Madras

Vellore District