Christian Girl Baby Names

Abigail      (Heb., father is rejoicing)
Ada          (Teut., happy)
Adah         (Heb., beauty)
Adaline      (Teut., noble maid)
Adela        (Var. of Adelaide)
Adelaide     (Fr., nobility)
Adelia       (Var. of Adela)
Adeline      (Var. of Adelaide)
Adriana      (Var., of Adrian)
Adrienne     (Var., of Adrian)
Agatha       (Gr., good)
Agnes        (Fr., chaste)
Aileen       (Irish for Helen)
Alberta      (Fem. of Albert)
Alexandra    (Fem. of Alexander)
Alexis       (Gr., helper)
Alice        (Teut., noble cheer)
Alicia       (Var. of Alice)
Aline        (Var. of Adeline)
Alma         (Lat., loving, sweet; title of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Amanda       (Lat., worthy of love)
Amata        (Lat., loved)
Amelia       (Teut., protectress)
Amy          (Lat., loved)
Anastasia    (Gr., who will rise again)
Andrea       (Fem. of Andrew)
Angela       (Lat., angel)
Angelica     (Var., of Angela)
Anita        (Spanish dim. of Ann)
Ann          (Var., of Anna)
Anna         (Heb., grace)
Annabel      (Lat., lovable)
Annabelle    (Lat., lovable)
Anne         (Var., of Anna)
Anneliese    (Gr. for Anna)
Annette      (Dim. of Anne)
Antoinette   (Dim. of Antonia)
Antoinia     (Fem. of Anthony)
Ariadne      (Gr., holy)
Ariana       (Var., of Ariadne)
Arlene       (Var. of Aline)
Arline       (Var. of Aline)
Athanasia    (Gr., immortal)
Audrey       (Old Engl., noble maiden)
Augusta      (Fem. of Augustus)
Aurelia      (Lat., golden

Barbara      (Gr., foreign,strange)
Beatrice     (Lat., joy bringer)
Beatrix      (Lat., joy bringer)
Belinda      (Old Germ., snake)
Bella        (Dim. of Isabella)
Belle        (Dim. of Isabella)
Berenice     (Gr., bringer of victory)
Bernadette   (Fem. dim. of Bernard)
Bernadine    (Fem. of Bernard)
Bernice      (Var. of Berenice)
Bertha       (Teut., shining one)
Bess         (Dim. of Elizabeth)
Beth         (Dim. of Elizabeth)
Betsy        (Dim. of Elizabeth)
Betty        (Dim. of Elizabeth)
Beulah       (Heb., married)
Beverley     (Engl., beaver)
Beverly      (Engl., beaver)
Blanch       (Fr., white)
Blanche      (Fr., white)
Bonita       (Fem. var. of Bonaventure)
Bonna        (Fem. var. of Bonaventure)
Bonnie       (Fem. var. of Bonaventure)
Bonny        (Fr., good)
Brenda       (Teut., sword)
Bride        (Var. of Bridget)
Brigid       (Var. of Bridget)
Bridget      (Celt., strength)

Camille      (Lat., virgin of unblemished character)
Candida      (Lat., white)
Carlotta     (Var. of Charlotte)
Carol        (Fem. var. of Charles)
Carola       (Fem. var. of Charles)
Carole       (Var. of Caroline)
Caroline     (Fem. var. of Charles)
Carrie       (Dim. of Caroline)
Catharine    (Fr., pure)
Catherine    (Gr., pure)
Cecile       (Lat., dim-sighted)
Cicilia      (Lat., dim-sighted)
Cecily       (Lat., dim-sighted)
Celesta      (Lat., heavenly)
Celeste      (Lat., heavenly)
Celestina    (Dim. of Celesta)
Celia        (Lat., heavenly)
Celine       (Lat., heavenly)
Charity      (Lat., charity)
Charlotte    (Fr. fem. var. of Charles)
Chloe        (Lat., blooming)
Christina    (From Christ)
Christine    (From Christ)
Claire       (Fr. for Clara)
Clara        (Lat., illustrious)
Clare        (Lat., illustrious)
Clarissa     (Lat., most illustrious)
Claudette    (Fem. dim. of Claud)
Claudia      (Fem. of Claud)
Claudine     (Fem. var. of Claud)
Clementine   (Fem. dim. of Clement)
Colleen      (Irish, girl)
Constance    (Lat., constant, firm)
Cora         (Gr., maiden)
Cordelia     (Celt., daughter of the sea)
Cornelia     (Fem. of Cornelius)
Coreen       (Var. of Corinne)
Corinne      (Fr. for Korinna)
Cornelia     (Fem. of Cornelius)
Cynthia      (Used for Diana)

Daisy        (Name of a flower)
Daphne       (Gr., bay tree)
Debora       (Heb., bee)
Deborah      (Heb., a bee)
Delia        (Fem. of Delius)
Delilah      (Heb., delicate)
Denise       (Gr., god of Nyssa)
Diana        (Lat., divine)
Diane        (Fr. for Diana)
Dinah        (Heb., judged)
Dolly        (Dim. of Dorothea)
Dolores      (Sp., Mary of the Sorrows)
Dominica     (Fem. var. of Dominic)
Dominique    (Fem. var. of Dominic)
Dona         (Lat., given)
Donna        (Lat., given)
Dora         (Gr., God's gift)
Doris        (Var. of Dora)
Dorothea     (Gr., God's gift)
Dorothy      (Gr., God's gift)

Edith        (Old Engl., happy war)
Edna         (Celt, fire)
Eileen       (Var. of Aileen [Helen])
Elaine       (Var. of Helen)
Eleanor      (From Alienor)
Eleanora     (From Alienor)
Elinor       (Var. of Eleanor)
Eliza        (Var. of Elizabeth)
Elisabeth    (Heb., God has sworn)
Elizabeth    (Heb., God is my oath)
Ella         (Var. of Helen)
Ellen        (Var. of Helen)
Eloisa       (Fr., Heloise [Louise])
Eloise       (Fr., Heloise [Louise])
Elsa         (Gr., ?)
Elsie        (Var. of Elizabeth)
Elvira       (Goth., ?)
Emilia       (Var. of Emily)
Emily        (Lat., excelling)
Emma         (Teut., nurse)
Emmeline     (Var. of Emily)
Enid         (Old Welsh for soul)
Ernestine    (Fem. of Ernest)
Estella      (Lat., star)
Estelle      (Var. of Estella)
Esther       (Per., star)
Ethel        (Old Engl., noble maiden)
Etta         (Dim. of Henrietta)
Ettienne     (Fr., var. of Stephen)
Eunice       (Gr., good victory)
Eva          (Heb., life)
Evangeline   (Fron the four evangelists)
Eve          (Heb., life)
Evelina      (Var. of Eveline)
Eveline      (Fr. for Evelyn)
Evelyn       (Engl. var. of Irish Eibhlhin [Helen])

Faith        (Lat. faith)
Fannie       (Dim. of Francis)
Fanny        (Dim. of Francis)
Fay          (Var. of faith)
Faye         (Lat., faith
Felicity     (Lat., happiness)
Flora        (Lat., flowers)
Florence     (Lat., flowering)
Frances      (Fem. of Francis)
Frederica    (Fem. of Frederick)
Frieda       (Old Germ. for peace)

Gabriella    (Fem. of Gabriel)
Gail         (Dim. of Abigail)
Gemma        (It., gem)
Genevieve    (Celt., white wave)
Georgette    (Fem. var. of George)
Georgia      (Fem. of George)
Georgiana    (Fem. var. of George)
Georgina     (Fem. of George)
Geralda      (Fem. of Gerald)
Geraldine    (Fem. of Gerald)
Gertrude     (Teut., spear strength)
Gladys       (Welsh from Lat. Claudia)
Gloria       (Lat., glorious)
Gloriosa     (Lat., glorious)
Grace        (Lat., favour, grace)
Greta        (Dim. of Margaret)
Gretchen     (Germ., var. of Margaret)
Guinevere    (Celt., white)
Gwendolen    (Celt for Guinevere)
Gwendolina   (Celt for Guinevere)
Gwendolyn    (Celt for Guinevere) 

Hanna        (Var. of Anna)
Hannah       (Var. of Anna)
Harriet      (Fem. of Harry [Henry])
Hattie       (Dim. of Harriet)
Hazel        (Heb., God sees)
Heather      (Name of a plant)
Helen        (Gr., light)
Helena       (Gr., light)
Henrietta    (Fem. dim. of Henry)
Hester       (Var. of Esther)
Hesther      (Var. of Esther)
Hilda        (Old Engl., battle maid)
Hildegard    (Teut., protecting battlemaid)
Hildegarde   (Var. of Hildegard)
Hope         (Lat., hope)

Ida          (Teut., labour)
Imogene      (Fr., From the Shrine of Imoge)
Ingrid       (Norse, Ingvi's ride)
Irena        (Gr., peace)
Irene        (Gr., peace)
Iris         (Gr., rainbow)
Irma         (Old Germ., name of war god)
Isabel       (Var. of Elizabeth)
Isabella     (Span. for Isabel)
Isabelle     (Var. of Isabel)
Isadora      (Fem. of Isidore)
Isidora      (Fem. of Isidore)

Jackie       (Short of Jacqueline)
Jacqueline   (Heb., supplanter)
Jane         (Engl. for Joanna)
Janet        (Dim. of Jane)
Janice       (Dim. of Jane)
Jean         (Fem. of John)
Jeanne       (Fem. of John)
Jeannette    (Dim. of Jeanne)
Jennifer     (Keltic, white wave)
Jenny        (Dim. of Jane)
Jessica      (From Joanna)
Jessie       (From Joanna)
Jill         (From Julia)
Joan         (Fem. var. of John)
Joanna       (Fem. var. of John)
Joanne       (Fem. of John)
Jocelin      (Fr. for Joscelin)
Joceline     (Fr. for Joscelin)
Jocelyn      (Fr. for Joscelin)
Johanna      (Var. of Joanna)
Josephine    (Dim. of Joseph)
Joy          (Lat., merry)
Joyce        (Lat., merry)
Juanita      (Sp. for Joanna)
Judith       (Heb., praised)
Judy         (From Judith)
Julia        (Lat., downy)
Julie        (Fr. for Julia)
Juliana      (Fem. of Julian)
Juliet       (Dim. of Julia)
Juliette     (Dim. of Julia)
June         (Lat., youthful)
Karen        (Scan. for Catherine)
Kate         (Dim. of Catherine)
Katharine    (Var. of Catherine)
Katherine    (Var. of Catherine)
Katheryn     (Var. of Catherine)
Kathleen     (Irish var of Catherine)
Kay          (Dim. of Catherine)
Kayla        (Var. of Kay)
Kit          (Dim. of Catherine)
Kitty        (Dim. of Catherine)
Kristen      (Lat., follower of Christ)
Kristine     (Gr., Christ-bearer)
Laura        (From Laurence)
Laurette     (From Laurence)
Lavinia      (Fr., the wine)
Leah         (Heb., weary)
Leila        (Ar., darkness)
Leilah       (Ar., darkness)
Lena         (Short for Helen)
Lenore       (Var. of Eleanor)
Leona        (Fem. of Leo)
Leonara      (Var. of Eleanora)
Leonora      (Var. of Eleanor)
Leora        (Var. of Eleanor)
Leslie       (Name of a place)
Libby        (Dim. of Elizabeth)
Lila         (Lat., lily)
Lilian       (Lat., lily)
Lillian      (Var. of Lilian)
Lilly        (Dim. of Lilian)
Lily         (Lat., lily)
Linda        (Dem. of Belinda)
Lisa         (Var. of Elizabeth)
Lise         (Var. of Elizabeth)
Lisette      (Var. of Elizabeth)
Lois         (Gr., Los)
Lola         (Sp., dim. of Dolores)
Lora         (Same as Laura)
Loretta      (Same as Laura)
Lorna        (Coined by R. D. Blackmore)
Loraine      (Lat., Laurel)
Lorraine     (Var. of Loraine)
Lottie       (Dim. of Charlotte)
Lotty        (Dim. of Charlotte)
Louella      (Louise-Ella)
Louisa       (Fem. of Louis)
Louise       (Fem. of Louis)
Luchina      (Lat. dim of Lucy)
Lucia        (Fem. of Lucius)
Lucile       (Lat., light)
Lucille      (Var. of Lucile)
Lucinda      (Var. of Lucy)
Lucy         (Fem. of Lucius)
Luella       (Var. of Louella)
Luisa        (From Louisa)
Luise        (From Louise)
Lulu         (Dim. of Louise)
Lydia        (Gr., from Lydia)
Lynn         (Name of British place)

Mabel        (Lat. lovable)
Madalena     (Spanish from Magdalen)
Madeleine    (Fr. for Magdalen)
Madge        (Dim. of Margaret)
Madison      (name of a place)
Mae          (Var. of May for Mary)
Magdalen     (Heb. of Magdala)
Magdalene    (Heb. of Magdala)
Maggie       (Dim. of Margaret)
Maisie       (Scot. dim. of Margaret)
Mamie        (From Mary)
Marcia       (Fem. of Marcus)
Margaret     (Gr., pearl)
Margery      (Var. of Margaret)
Margo        (Short for Margaret)
Margot       (Short for Margaret)
Marguerite   (Fr. for Margaret)
Maria        (Var. of Mary)
Marian       (From Mary)
Marianne     (From Mary)
Marie        (Fr. for Mary)
Marilyn      (Var. of Mary)
Marion       (Var. of Mary)
Marjorie     (Var. of Margaret)
Marjory      (Var. of Margaret)
Martha       (Aram., lady)
Marthe       (Aram., lady)
Mary         (Heb., beautiful)
Mathilda     (Var. of Matilda)
Matilda      (Teut., battle maid)
Maud         (Var. of Matilda)
Maude        (Var. of Matilda)
Maura        (Gr., dark)
Maureen      (Ir. var. of Mary)
Maxine       (Fem. of Max)
May          (From Mary or Margaret)
Maybelle     (Var. of Mabel)
Mayme        (From Mary)
Meg          (Dim. of Margaret)
Megan        (Var. of Meg)
Melissa      (Gr., bee)
Mercy        (Spanish for mercy)
Merry        (Spanish for mercy)
Michaela     (Fem. of Michael)
Michelle     (Fem. of Michael)
Mildred      (Old Engl., power)
Mimi         (Teut., strong helmet)
Mina         (Teut., strong helmet)
Minette      (Teut., strong helmet)
Minna        (Teut., strong helmet)
Minnie       (Teut., strong helmet)
Miranda      (Lat., strange, wonderful)
Miriam       (Var. of Mary)
Molly        (Var. of Mary)
Mona         (Var. of Monica)
Monica       (Gr., counselor)
Muriel       (Gaelic for Mary)
Myra         (Fem. of Myron
Myrtle       (Name of a plant)

Nadine       (Russ. for hope)
Nan          (Var. of Anne)
Nana         (Var. of Anne)
Nancy        (Var. of Anne)
Nanette      (Var. of Anne)
Nannette     (Fr. for Anna)
Naomi        (Heb., my delight)
Natalie      (Lat., birth)
Nathalie     (Lat., birth)
Nell         (Dim. of Helen and Eleanor)
Nellie       (Var. of Nell)
Nelly        (Dim. of Helen and Eleanor)
Nicole       (Fr. origin)
Noel         (Fr. for Natal)
Nora         (Lat., honour)
Norah        (Lat., honour)
Noreen       (Lat., honour)
Norine       (Lat., honour)
Norma        (Lat., rule)

Olga         (Norse, holy)
Olive        (Lat., olive)
Olivia       (Lat., olive)
Oona         (Lat., one)
Oonah        (Lat., one)
Ophelia      (Gr., a help)

Pamela       (Coined by Sir Philip Sidney)
Patrice      (Fem. of Patrick)
Patricia     (Fem. of Patrick)
Paula        (Fem. of Paul)
Paulette     (Dim. of Paula)
Pauline      (Dim. of Paula)
Pearl        (Same as Margaret)
Peg          (Pet name of Margaret)
Peggy        (Pet name of Margaret)
Penelope     (Gr., Pnelop)
Penny        (Dim. of Penelope)
Phebe        (Gr., bright)
Philomena    (Gr., beloved)
Phoebe       (Gr., bright)
Phillis      (Gr., leaf)
Phyllis      (Gr., leaf)
Pia          (Lat., loyal)
Polly        (Var. of Molly)
Portia       (Lat., a pig)
Priscilla    (Lat., ancient)
Prudence     (Lat., prudence)

Rachel       (Heb., ewe; same as Agnes)
Ramona       (Fem. of Ramon [Raymond])
Rafaela      (Var. of Raphael)
Raphaela     (Var. of Raphael)
Rebecca      (Lat., queen)
Regina       (Lat., a queen)
Reina        (Var. of Regina)
Reine        (Var. of Regina)
Rhoda        (Var. of Rose)
Rita         (Short for Margarita [Margaret])
Roberta      (fem. of Robert)
Rosa         (Lat., Rose)
Rosalba      (Var. of Rosa)
Rosalia      (Var. of Rosa)
Rosalie      (Var. of Rosa)
Rosalind     (Dim. of Rosa)
Rosamond     (Lat., clean rose)
Rosamund     (Lat., clean rose)
Rosanne      (Dim. of Rose)
Rose         (Lat., Rose)
Rosemary     (Lat., sea-dew)
Rosita       (Var. of Rose)
Roslyn       (Dim. of Rosa)
Rowena       (Old Engl., a friend)
Roxane       (Per., brightness)
Ruby         (Scottish fem. of Robert)
Ruth         (Heb., beauty)

Sadie        (Var. of Sara)
Sally        (Dim. of Sara)
salome       (Heb., peaceful)
Salomea      (Heb., peaceful)
Sandra       (Contraction of Alexandra)
Saphir       (delightful)
Sara         (Heb., princess)
Sarah        (Heb., princess)
Selma        (Gr., a ship)
Sharon       (From Rose of Sharon; title of Blessed Virgin Mary)
Sheila       (Irish from Cecilia)
Shelly       (Var. of Sharon)
Shirley      (surname)
Sibyl        (Gr., prophetess)
Silvia       (Lat., of the forest)
Silvya       (Lat., of the forest)
Simona       (Fem. var. of Simon)
Simone       (Fem. var. of Simon)
Sofia        (Gr., wisdom)
Sonia        (Russ. var. of Sophia)
Sonya        (Russ. var. of Sophia)
Sophia       (Gr., wisdom)
Sophie       (Gr., wisdom)
Sophy        (Var. of Sophia)
Stella       (Var. of Estella)
Stefanie     (Fem. for Stephen)
Stephanie    (Fem. for Stephen)
Susan        (Heb., lily)
Susanna      (Heb., lily)
Susannah     (Var. of Susan)
Suzanne      (Fr. for Susan)
Sybil        (Gr., prophetess)
Sylvia       (Lat., a wood) 

Tabitha      (Gr., roe, gazelle)
Teresa       (Gr., reaper)
Terry        (Dim. of Theresa)
Tess         (Dim. of Teresa)
Tessie       (Dim. of Teresa)
Thelma       (Var. of Selma)
Theodora     (Fem. of Theodore)
Theresa      (Var. of Teresa)
Therese      (Fr. for Teresa)
Tillie       (Dim. of Matilda)
Tilly        (Dim. of Matilda)
Tina         (Short for Christina)
Tracy        (Engl. contraction of Teresa)
Trudy        (Dim. of Gertrude)

Una          (Lat., one)
Ursula       (Lat., little bear)

Valerie      (Fr., to be strong)
Vallerie     (Var. of Valerie)
Vanessa      (Substitute for Esther)
Vera         (Lat., true)
Veronica     (Gr., victory bringer)
Victoria     (Lat., victory)
Viola        (Lat., a violet)
Violet       (Lat., violet)
Violette     (Lat., violet)
Virginia     (Lat., flowering)
Vivian       (Lat., lively)
Vivien       (Lat., alive)

Wanda        (Var. of Wendy)
Wendy        (Teut., wanderer)
Wilhelmina   (Germ., fem. of Wilhelm)
Wilma        (Fem. of William)
Wilmett      (Fem. of William)
Winifred     (Western, white wave)

Yvette       (Fr. from Judith)
Yvonne       (Fem. of Ives)

Zita         (Sp., little hope)
Zoa          (Gr., life)
Zoe          (Gr., life)