Christian Baby Boy Names

Aaron        (Gr., the exalted one)
Abel         (Heb., breath)
Abner        (Heb., father of light)
Abraham      (Heb., father of a multitude)
Adalbert     (Teut., nobly bright)
Adam         (Heb., the one made; human being; red earth)
Adelbert     (Var., of Adalbert)
Adrian       (Lat., dark)
Aidan        (Celt., fire)
Alan         (Celt., cheerful)
Alban        (Lat., white)
Albert       (Teut., illustrious)
Alex         (Short for Alexander)
Alexander    (Gr., helper of men)
Alfred       (Teut., good counsellor)
Allan        (Var., of Alan)
Allen        (Var., of Alan)
Aloysius     (Lat., Louis)
Alphonse     (Teut., eager for battle)
Alvin        (Teut., beloved by all)
Ambrose      (Gr., immortal)
Amos         (Heb., brave)
Andrew       (Gr., manly)
Angeloa      (Lat., angel)
Angus        (Ir., one)
Anselm       (Teut., divine helmet)
Anthony      (Gr., priceless)
Antony       (Var., of Anthony)
Aquinas      (From St. Thomas Aquinas)
Archibald    (Germ., nobly bold)
Arnold       (Teut., eagle strong)
Arthur       (Celt., supreme ruler)
Athanasius   (Gr., immortal)
Aubrey       (Fr., ruler)
Augustine    (Dim., of Augustus)
Augustus     (Lat., majestic)
Austin       (Var., of Augustine)

Baldwin      (Teut., noble friend)
Barnabas     (Heb., son of consolation)
Barnaby      (Var., of Bernard)
Bartholomew  (Heb., son of Tolmai)
Basil        (Gr., royal)
Becket       (From St. Thomas  Becket)
Bede         (Old English, prayer)
Benedict     (Lat., blessed)
Benjamin     (Heb., favourite son)
Bennet       (Var., of Benedict)
Bennett      (Var., of Benedict)
Bernard      (Ger., bold as a bear)
Bertram      (Teut., shining raven)
Bertrand     (Var., of Bertram)
Bill         (Short for William)
Blaise       (Gr., babbler)
Blase        (Gr., babbler)
Bob          (Short for Robert)
Bonaventure  (Lat., good luck)
Boris        (Rus., fight)
Brendan      (Celt., sword)
Brian        (Celt., strong)
Bruce        (Var., of Brice)
Bruno        (brown)
Bryan        (Var., Brian)
Burton       (Teut., shing raven)
Byron        (Old Eng., bear)

Cajetan      (Lat., rejoice in)
Calaude      (Lat., lame)
Caleb        (Heb., faithful)
Campion      (From Edmund Campion)
Carl         (Var., Charles)
Carroll      (Irish for Charles)
Cecil        (Lat., dim sighted)
Cadric       (Lat., blind)
Chad         (Celt., defence)
Charles      (Teut., man)
Chester      (Lat., camp)
Christian    (Gr., christos)
Christopher  (Gr., Christ bearer)
Chrysostom   (Gr., golden mouthed)
Clarence     (Lat., illustrious)
Clark        (Fr., priest)
Claud        (Lat., lame)
Claude       (Lat., lame)
Clement      (Lat., merciful)
Clifford     (hence, ford at a cliff)
Clifton      (town at a cliff)
Clint        (town)
Clinton      (town)
Clive        (the surname)
Clyde        (Scot., river)
Colin        (Var., of Colum)
Colum        (Gael., dove)
Conan        (Celt., wisdom)
Conrad       (Teut., bold speech)
Constant     (Lat., constant, firm)
Cornelius    (Lat., horn)
Cosmas       (Gr., order)
Cosmo        (Gr., order)
Craig        (western for crag)
Cronan       (Gael., dark brown)
Curtis       (Fr., courteous)
Cyprian      (Gr., of Cyprus)
Cyril        (Gr., lordly)
Cyrus        (Gr., kyros)

Dale         (Old Engl., valley)
Damian       (Gr., tamer)
Daniel       (Heb., the Lord is judge)
Darby        (Var., of Dermot)
David        (Heb., beloved)
Denis        (Lat., god of wine)
Dennis       (Lat., god of wine)
Derek        (Contraction of Theodoric)
Dermot       (Celt., freeman)
Dewey        (Welsh for David)
Dewi         (Welsh for David)
Dexter       (Lat., to the right)
Dismas       (The good thief)
Dominic      (Lat., the Lord's)
Don          (Celt., the dark stranger)
Donald       (Celt., the dark stranger)
Douglas      (Gael, black stream)
Duncan       (Gael, brown warrior)
Dunstan      (Old Eng., hill stone)
Dwight       (a surname)

Eamon        (Irish for Edmund)
Earl         (Old Eng., warrior)
Earle        (Old Eng., warrior)
Earnest      (Var. of Ernest)
Ebenezar     (Heb., stone of help)
Edgar        (Old Engl., rich spear)
Edmond       (Old Engl., wealthy protection)
Edmund       (Old Engl., happy protection)
Edward       (Old Engl., rich guardian)
Edwin        (Old Engl., rich friend)
Egan         (Var., of Aidan
Egbert       (Old Eng., strong bright)
Elbert       (Var., of Albert)
Eli          (Heb., high)
Eliot        (Dim. of Ellis)
Elliot       (Dim. of Ellis)
Elliott      (Dim. of Ellis)
Emery        (Fr., work ruler)
Emory        (Fr., work ruler)
Emil         (Lat., trying to excel)
Emanuel      (Heb., God with us)
Emmanuel     (Heb., God with us)
Erasmus      (Gr., worthy of love)
Eric         (Old Norse, honourable ruler)
Ernest       (Ger., serious)
Ernst        (Ger., serious)
Erwin        (Ger., host, crowd)
Ethan        (Heb., strength)
Eugene       (Gr., well born)
Eustace      (Gr., fruitful)
Evan         (Var., of John)
Everett      (Teut., strong boar)
Ezra         (Heb., help)

Fabian       (Lat., bean grower)
Felix        (Lat., happy)
Ferdinand    (Fr., bold in peace)
Fergus       (Celt., manly strength)
Finbar       (Celt., fair headed)
Finian       (Celt., fair offspring)
Floyd        (Var., of Lloyd)
Francis      (Teut., free)
Frank        (Dim. of Francis)
Franklin     (Anglo-French, free man)
Frederic     (Fr., peaceful ruler)
Frederick    (Fr., peaceful ruler)

Gabriel      (Heb., God's strength)
Garrett      (Eng. for Gerald)
Gene         (Dim., of Eugene)
Geoffrey     (Var., of Godfrey)
George       (Gr., farmer)
Gerald       (Teut., spear rule)
Gerard       (Teut., strong spear)
Gilbert      (Teut., bright pledge)
Gils         (Gr., kid)
Glenn        (Celt., valley)
Glen         (Celt., valley)
Godfrey      (Teut., God's peace)
Gordon       (From St. Gordian)
Graham       (a surname)
Grant        (a surname)
Gregory      (Gr., watchman)
Gustavus     (Germ., staff of the Goths)
Guy          (Old Fr., guide)

Harold       (Dan., strong warrior)
Harry        (Var., of Henry)
Harvey       (Teut., warrior)
Hector       (Gr., holding fast)
Henry        (Teut., home ruler)
Herbert      (Teut., shining warrior)
Herman       (Gr., army and man)
Hilary       (Lat., gay, merry)
Hiram        (Heb., exalted brother)
Homer        (Gr., a hostage)
Horace       (Var., of Haratio)
Horatio      (Lat., name of Roman gens, Horace)
Howard       (Old Engl., swordwatcher)
Hubert       (Teut., bright mind)
Hugh         (Teut., thought)
Hugo         (Teut., thought)
Humphrey     (Old Engl., strength in peace)
Humphry      (Old Engl., strength in peace)

Ian          (Lat., gay, merry)
Ignatius     (Gr., fiery)
Immanuel     (Heb., God with us)
Ira          (Heb., watchful)
Irving       (surname)
Irwin        (Var., of Erwin)
Isaac        (Heb., laughter)
Isador       (Gr., gift of Isis)
Isodor       (Gr., gift of Isis)
Isidore      (Gr., strong gift)
Ivan         (Gr., John)
Ives         (Teut., archer)

Jack         (Dim., of John)
Jacob        (Gr., seizing by the heel)
James        (Heb., supplanter)
Jason        (Gr., healer)
Jasper       (Old Fr., Jaspar)
Jay          (surname)
Jeffrey      (Var., of Geoffrey
Jeremiah     (Heb., the Lord loosens)
Jeremy       (Heb., exalted of the Lord)
Jerome       (Gr., holy name)
Jesse        (Heb., strong)
Jim          (Dim., of James)
Jocelyn      (Teut., a Goth)
Joe          (Dim., of Joseph)
Joel         (Heb., strong willed)
John         (Heb., God has mercy)
Jon          (Va., of John)
Jonah        (Heb., dove)
Jonas        (Heb., dove)
Jones        (var., of Jonah)
Jonathan     (Heb., God gave)
Joseph       (Heb., increase)
Josiah       (Heb., fire of the Lord) 
Joshua       (Heb., help of Jehovah)
Judah        (Heb., praise)
Jude         (Heb., praised)
Jules        (Var., of Julius)
Julian       (From Julius)
Julius       (Gr., downy)
Justin       (Var. of Justus, just)

Keith        (Gael, the wind)
Kenneth      (Celt., handsome)
Kevin        (Gael, comely birth)
Kieran       (Gael, black)
Kilian       (Celt., church)

Lambert      (Teut., land light)
Lance        (Fr., servant)
Lancelot     (Fr., servant)
Larry        (Dim., of Laurence)
Lars         (Dim., of Laurence)
Laurence     (Lat., Laurel)
Lawrence     (Lat., Laurel)
Lee          (Var., of Leigh)
Leigh        (Old Engl., meadow)
Len          (Dim., of Leonard)
Leo          (Lat., lion)
Leon         (Lat., lion)
Leonard      (Teut., lion bold)
Leopold      (Gr., strong, bold)
Leroy        (Fr., the king)
Leslie       (surname)
Lester       (Engl. city, Leicester)
Lewis        (Var., of Louis)
Lincoln      (English city)
Lionel       (Lat., little lion)
Llewelyn     (Welsh, lionlike)
Lloyd        (Western, grey)
Loughlan     (Heb., messenger of the Lord)
Louis        (Teut., famous war)
Lowell       (surname)
Lucius       (Lat., light)
Luke         (Gr., light)
Lyle         (British place + surname)

Malcolm      (Gael, Colum's servant)
Manual       (Var., of Emmanuel)
Marcus       (Lat., the god of war)
Marion       (Fr., Mary)
Mark         (Lat., of Mars)
Marshal      (Old Fr., horse servant)
Marshall     (Lat., warlike)
Martin       (Lat., of Mars, warlike)
Marvin       (Germ., sea + a friend)
Matthew      (Heb., the Lord's gift)
Matthias     (Var., of Matthew)
Maurice      (Fr., a moor)
Max          (Var., of Maximilian)
Maximilliam  (Lat., greatest)
Maynard      (Anglo-Fr., power + strong)
Meinrad      (Teut., strong firmness)
Mel          (Celt., ?)
Melvin       (Old Engl., council + wine)
Meredith     (Welsh for Murtagh)
Merle        (Lat., black bird)
Merlin       (Lat., sea-hill)
Mervin       (Var., of Marvin)
Mervyn       (Var., of Marvin)
Michael      (Heb., who is like God)
Mike         (Dim., of Michael)
Miles        (Gr., crusher; Lat., soldier)
Milton       (surname)
Monroe       (surname)
Morgan       (Celt., sea dweller)
Morris       (Var., of Maurice)
Mortimer     (surname)
Morton       (Old Engl., town)
Moses        (Heb., child)
Murray       (surname)
Murtagh      (Celt., sea protector)
Myron        (Gr., myrrh)

Nathan       (Heb., gift)
Nathaneal    (Heb., gift of God)
Nathanie     (Heb., gift of God)
Neal         (Celt., champion)
Neil         (Celt., champion)
Neison       (surname)
Nelson       (Var., of Cornelius)
Nevil        (Town in Normandy)
Neville      (Engl. var., of Alban)
Nevin        (Engl. var., of Alban)
Newton       (Old Engl., new town)
Nicholas     (Gr., people's victory)
Nicolas      (Old Fr., the people)
Noah         (Heb., comfort)
Noel         (Fr., Christmas)
Norbert      (Teut., Niord's brightness)
Norman       (Old Engl., North man)

Oliver       (Fr., army)
Olivier      (Fr., olive tree)
Orlando      (Var., of Roland)
Orson        (Lat., bear)
Oscar        (Teut., divine spear)
Osmond       (Teut., God's protection)
Osmund       (Teut., God's protection)
Oswald       (Teut., power of God)
Oswold       (Old Engl., a god + power)
Otto         (old Germ., rich)
Owen         (Gr., well-born)

Pascal       (Heb., Passover)
Paschal      (Heb., Passover)
Patrick      (Lat., nobly born)
Paul         (Lat., little)
Percival     (Fr., pierce valley)
Perceval     (Fr., pierce valley)
Percy        (Fr., pierce)
Perez        (Heb., rent)
Perry        (Fr., Peter)
Peter        (Gr., rock)
Philip       (Gr., horse lover)
Phillip      (Var., of Philip)

Quentin      (Lat., fifth)

Ralph        (Var., of Randolph)
Randolph     (Old Eng., shieldwolf)
Randy        (Short for Randolph)
Raphael      (Heb., God's healer)
Raymond      (Teut., wise protection)
Reginald     (Teut., strong judgment)
Reuben       (Heb., behold, a son)
Reymond      (Var., of Raymond)
Rex          (Fr., strong king)
Reynold      (Var., of Reginald)
Richard      (Old Engl., firm ruler)
Robert       (Teut., bright fame)
Robin        (Short for Robert)
Roch         (Fr., rock)
Rock         (Fr., rock)
Roderic      (Var., of Roderick)
Roderick     (Teut., noted ruler)
Rodney       (English place, Rodney Stoke)
Roger        (Teut., famous spear)
Roland       (Teut., wide famed)
Ronald       (Scottish for Reginald)
Ross         (Western, hill, moor)
Roy          (Fr., king)
Rudoph       (Gr., a wolf)
Rudolf       (Gr., a wolf)
Rufus        (Lat., red hair)
Rupert       (Var., of Robert)
Russel       (Fr., reddish)
Russell      (Fr., reddish)
Ryan         (Var., of Brian)

Sampson      (Var., of Samson)
Samson       (Heb., bright sun)
Samuel       (Gr., name of God)
Sandy        (Scot. dim. for Alexander)
Sanford      (English place, Sandy, ford)
Saul         (Heb., of God)
Scott        (Lat., Irishman, later a Scottsman)
Seamus       (Irish for James)
Sean         (Irish for John)
Sebastian    (Gr., man of Seabastia)
Seth         (Heb., appointed)
Seymour      (Old Engl., sea + a hill)
Shamus       (Irish for James)
Shane        (Irish for John)
Sheldon      (Old Engl., ledge)
Sidney       (From St. Denis)
Silas        (Gr., asked for)
Simon        (Heb., obedient)
Sinclair     (For St. Clair)
Solomon      (Heb., peaceful)
Stanley      (Slav., military glory)
Stephen      (Gr., crowned)
Steven       (Var., of Stephen)
Stewart      (Var., of Stuart)
Stuart       (surname)
Sydney       (From St. Denis)
Sylvester    (Lat., a woods)

Ted          (Dim.m of Theodore)
Terence      (Lat., smooth)
Terrance     (Var., of Terence)
Terri        (Short for Terrence)
Theodore     (Gr., God's gift)
Theodoric    (Teut., folk rule)
Thomas       (Aram., twin)
Timothy      (Gr., god-fearing)
Tobias       (Heb., goodness of God)
Toby         (Var., of Tobias)
Tom          (Short for Thomas)
Tony         (From Anthony)

Ulysses      (Latin for Ulixes)
Uriah        (Heb., God is light)

Vaugh        (surname)
Vaughan      (surname)
Vergil       (Var., of Virgil)
Vernon       (a town in France)
Victor       (Lat., victor)
Vincent      (Lat., to conquer)
Virgil       (Lat., name of Roman gens)
Vivian       (Lat., lively)

Waldo        (Germ., to rule)
Wallace      (Anglo-Fr., foreign)
Walter       (Teut., strong warrior)
Ward         (Old Engl., to protect)
Warren       (Teut., protecting friend)
Wayne        (surname)
Wenceslaus   (Slav., great glory)
Wendell      (Germ., wander)
Wesley       (surname)
Wilbert      (Germ., wish + bright)
Wilbur       (Old Engl., firm brightness)
Wilfred      (Old Engl., firm peace)
Wilfrid      (Old Engl., firm peace)
Wilhelm      (Germ., for William)
Will         (Short for William)
Willard      (surname)
William      (Teut., strong helmet)
Willis       (surname)
Winston      (English name of place)
Woodrow      (surname)
Woolfgang    (Teut., wolf's way)

Yves         (Fr., for Ives)

Zachariah    (Heb., God remembers)
Zachary      (Heb., remembered by God)